A Park… to car-park!!

Trees cut out from the Nuxem cross road.
Trees cut out from the Nuxem cross-road.

Yesterday afternoon, I was returning from work, the normally comforting cool drive from Bamboli to the university quarters has been totally destructed with all the trees uprooted, and the excuse given is that it is development the roads are required to achieve international standard. As far as I can see we have been hosting the international riff-raff since the flower child era.

Actually the double, roads the KFC and the domino’s are for the domestic tourist. Well that’s not what is worrying me.

We had thickets of trees and shrubs forming small green islands, for the last two days these shrubs and thickets have been cleared and huge SUV’s from various resorts have parked their vehicles there, their drivers loitering, walking into the university quarters, and piddling against the walls.

cars from various resorts parked in the groove.
cars from various resorts parked in the groove.

Isn’t it mandatory to have parking places marked out in such buildings?

Okay Mr.Sharad Pawar  and all the bigwigs have bribed the right people to ensure that their property value doubles with the double road, though I would think that more greenery would mean higher property rates anyway I am stupid environmentalists so I do not understand the language of progress. All the same I think it must be quite possible to have trees planted as dividers, and trees replanted on either side.

Is there anyway we can ensure that at least some of our green cover is regained.


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