Its not cricket…

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Its not cricket….

Yes, I belong to the school of thought that thinks Cricket is a luxury, a waste or resources, like time and money. Spending 2500/ticket for a match to me is criminal. Yet what is visible is that cricket is like a wine house,

pundit ho ya maulvi sab ko mel karti madhushala “


“pundit ho ya maulvi sab ko mel karti kriketbhasha.”  the way these girls from kalchini West Bengal vend tea to sponsor their team. The Adidas, the Nike’s, forget them even the Sahara India’s don’t  help them out.

It’s like a vicious circle, cricket, played by wealthy white guys, and rajah maharaja’s of india, became part of the life of  the subjects, a status symbol and the cricketeers our first paper celebrities. It took a Vishwanathan Anand to make chess acceptable, it took Leander Peas, and Mahesh Bhupati to make Tennis  acknowledged but the glamour factor came in only with Sania Mirza, each of these players were neither sponsored nor  supported by the press or advt. Companies until they became sale-able names. Urban, looking players  looked good on the global media.

The PT Usha’s and Ashwini Nachappa’s forgotten. These poor girls don’t even stand a chance with the media.  Unless the media devours them the sponsor won’t sponsor.

What I appreciate about the girls….. A tea stall by the road, girls, in borrowed clothes and shoes,  and kicking the system to score their goals.

The hurdles are many,  yet the conviction stands hard. They are not asking for a   Ferrari, or for whatever goodies the cricketers get, neither are they asking for a job in the railways like the athletes and hockey players are honoured with, forget it, they are not even asking for that measly …sixteen thousand… that will meet their requirement of shoes and suits.

What could we do to help them?

  • Yes outright donations would help.
  • Maybe we could create a fund that would support their training in the future.
  • Most importantly we can start a movement for 10% reduction in the funds that gets poured into cricket to support  other sports . this 10% should happen consistently until other sports people get their due.
  • Media coverage of cricket should be brought down by progressively by 10% now that would be an interesting thing to see.

The annual budget for the Ms.India pageant  can donate a major % of their revenue to none cricket sports for women.

These gusty girls are achieving every bit of their dreams on their own steam.  These are women of substance, not some painted doll, who walks the ramp with an absurdly expensive state of undressy…dressiness but achieving their best in hand me downs without bothering about the fit and the flow.

This the woman power we salute to in addition to the corporate cougar.


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