The Un-Indian of Wall Street.

bleeding india.Hello Un-Indians

I mean the “intellectual‘s” who were born in India, had their basic education on Indian soil through Indian tax payer’s money and have adopted a new country.

I don’t even like to call you NRI’s.

Thanks for your interest in our piddly politics, we appreciate you writing “Indian saga’s” in you Wall Street magazines and Independent Observers.

What lands in my space is that you seem to assume that the average Indian is stupid and does not understand the implication of the political scenario. It also appears that you assume that the average Indian is being carried away by the Media hype on Modi.

While you were either being brought up in the political environment out of India or too busy with your school and coaching classes people have lived in the country and there have been experiences.

People of the country are quite aware of the calibre and credibility of each political party.

For the information of you so-called “intelligent observers” unless a party gets a frank majority the governance will be a minority driven governance where each party will focus on its agenda. This diverts the government from focusing on issues of importance.

This provides the country a respite for us to take stock, and decide. It will give us time to make the next electorate aware of what are the issues we are dealing with. The Major political parties release their agenda at the fag-end of the campaign.

With due respect to your concern for a country you have run away from most of us are quite aware that the situation could worsen, but we hope a single party majority would allow proposals to turn into actions.

citizen journalistif you are honest you will accept that the country needs a leader who can unify the population, focus on the grassroots, understanding their needs. This is possible only when the person has an authentic grassroots network and does not shoot his mouth off about women’s empowerment and food bill.

I do agree that not all our leaders can blend with plastic aesthetics visual of global politicians but let us be.

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