Priyanka Vadra — Partum Papyrus

priyanka 2Partum Papyrus…  born of the paper

“bhude bharat mein aaye hai phir se nayi jawani hai”—the ode of Rani of Jhansi by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan, she heralds Rani of Jhansi as the hope of a dying movement.

That is what Priyanka …( lets not debate  over the name) heralds for the press.. bhude congress ke nayi Jawani of course at 40+ one cannot really call her Jawan . The  had resigned to being Modi-fied, the media had begun to show signs of appeasing the potential new power point.

Priyanka Vadra, or Priyanka Gandhi as the press likes to call her or Bianca Vinci as her passport names her, how does she become a game changer.

Well she is the   progenius papyrus baron…  the creation of the media baron’s a last straw to clutch so that they would not have to come out of their comfort zone. They are now back to referring to the 2002 riots and calling Modi communal, and saffron brigade, Hindu extremists. Of course she does make an aesthetic picture in the chic western wear, when it comes to sari’s she does look like the clumsy middle class housewife of my mother’s generation despite her lovely collection of saris .

Other than that what does she really stand for?

priyanka 1In the month of brother and sister she is the David fighting for brother against the Goliath of BJP. But on what grounds?

  1. A husband who is involved in land scam. But that according to her is a personal matter after all the poor people who were evicted do not matter.  But Modi’s ex-wife does.
  2. She does not contribute either to the Rajya sabha or Lokasabha, point taken neither does her brother but at least he is physically present.
  3. She talks of her father sacrificing himself to the country… excuse me he created the Srilankan mayhem and he was killed for it, like her grandmother was killed for her ruining of the Sikh community. As for her great-grandfather he died in his bed of 2nd stage syphilis.
  4. Mr. Modi if nothing has worked his way from the ranks that is commendable and cannot be said of the Rahul Gandhi.

would you like some new terrain for conversation Mrs.Vadra, here are a few suggestions.

  • Emergency atrocities.
  • Operation blue-star
  •  Sikh genocide.

election2014It’s not BJP that is going on panic like” rats” it’s the congress, senior congress men leaving the sinking ship.  Priyanka’s lashing out indicates the level of desperation that has come in.  Madam Vadra instead of bashing BJP let them be, they are bound to stumble before the next election. Take the 5 yrs off, to groom your brother,

  • If available you could buy some common sense on a Wal-Mart discount sale.
  • You could get him a Hindi basic tutor to practice spoken Hindi.
  • You can get him Indian geography for idiots so that he learns some geography.

All the best any way, it’s the Gandhi’s versus the nation.


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