Raste Purana-Checklist for Road Trips

Rural Indian Family on a road trip
Rural Indian Family on a road trip

Raste Purana or the tales of the  travel. My husband loves the drive, be it the bike, the car, or the train. I love destinations. All these years our various commitments did not let us do this. this year touché wood we are able to do what both of us like discover little known wonders in and around where we stay. The week-end of May 24th-25th it was Kittur.

Considering over the past 3 yrs, we had a couple of road trips and each time there is a learning which remains unlearned.

When kids were young we travelled by road, usually by cabs or with a family friend Dr.Y.S.Prahalad, and in most cases we had a point of origin a destination, couple one snack-break and maybe a rest-room break.

Since my kids were prone to car sickness  I was spared of the famous kiddie query “have we reached yet” is no longer there.  There are other issues to deal with all the same, like car sickness, thirst, eating on the road.

With two young adult daughters our travelling style has become a little more adventurous and spontaneous. Yet there are some basics that always help in a road trip. Like nibbles or car snacks. Each one has their own pick. From tamarind candy to chips we do carry  one favourite of each person. Not to mention fruits. I do carry a refuse bag into which we can dump the refuse so that cleaning out becomes easier.

Despite the fact that we like to experiment with food on the road off late I find a flask of hot water is allows us great freedom in the sense we can take our coffee breaks or just have a cup of soup at our convenience.  . If we are travelling in totally new terrain, then I do carry a loaf of bread with some jam or sometimes I make few roti’s that can last us.

Clean up equipment, this is something i learnt the hard way with kids who tend to be car sick, tissue papers, sanitizer, water to wash up. Towels and old newspaper are handy things to carry too.. Old newspapers tend to be very handy you can spread them out as carpets,

I usually pack in a double bed sheet and an extra pair of clothes, just in case we need to change.

car connect

Handy check list for me

  • Change for the booth
  • Water to drink, one bottle person.
  • Water to wash two —  two litre coke-bottles recycled.
  • Two old newspapers,
  • First aid kit—that includes motion sickness relievers.
  • Wet wipes.
  • Trash bags
  • One emergency wear each+ a large sheet to create a temporary changing area in need be.
  • Camera, phone, earphones.
  • One set of travel crockery. — if you are particular.
  • Travel nibbles.


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