Over the Amona Bridge.

over the Amona bridge
over the Amona bridge

Amona is the town on the river Mhadee, the bridge built over it has reduced the travel time to places like Sanquelim and Valpoi considerably

The feel of the journey only came about when we hit the Amona Bridge.

Amona is believed to be an ancient trade and commerce centre, rich in cultivated fertile, alluvial land and cashew plantations. The SESA Goa pig iron plant is located here.

mountain ranges from over the bridge
barges on the Mhadaee river

The rich soil and water networks encouraged the Aryans to settle here. The archaeological department reports remains of ancient fortresses and settled submerged in the soil. Thus the early settlers of this region were Aryan traders, administrators and warriors.  The military culture is eminent in the folklore and dance of the region; the temples in Amona also displace armour and swords. Scriptures that depict Amona as the capital of ancient dynasties have been discovered.

The bridge to Amona connects Amona and Khandola reducing the distance between Panaji to Sankli to 28 km instead of the round about route through Mapusa or over the ferry.

The bridge is 510 meters in length and steel reinforced with cement.


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Rich alluvial soil that allows rice and cashew growing
Rich alluvial soil that allows rice and cashew growing


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