Badi Door Se Aaye Hain

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain 

badi door se aaye hainIs the new sitcom launched from the makers of Sarabhai Vs.Sarabhai.  Aired on SabTV .

With Sumeet Raghavan and Tanaaz Curium we expected another Sarabhai Vs.Sarabhai or something very close.

The first episode of the serial looked like it was made by the idiots…for the idiots and I respect Tanaaz and Sumeet too much as artists to say of the idiots. Whatever made the two of you accept such a substandard serial?

I do not know how this low standards are going to be justified maybe “Low Budget” but low-budget does not call for loud, and imbecile yes I can understand compromises in sets but within reasonable limits.  Maybe “Sab ke liye” would refer to mass and mass is not class? Is that it?  Sarabhai Vs.Sarabhai was a good watch saas bahu issue within limits, husband-wife issue that were normal, it fun yet dignified. The jokes were elegant yet catered to all.

It is about some aliens who land on earth.  Apparently a replacement for another imbecile show Jinny aur Juju.

The elegance is missing from every stage of the production from script, to direction, to acting, to costumes.

Sumeet Tanaaz you have let your audience down badly.


2 Replies to “Badi Door Se Aaye Hain”

  1. wait for some time.. they are building story.. have faith on actors and characters. I am sure we will going to enjoy them soon.

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