Titbits On Gold

goldTitbits on Gold

Au  the scientific symbol of gold. Gold rush, gold jewellery are all very important part of civilization. Gold is a nobel metal and does not react very easily with other elements to form compounds. As a dentist I have found gold foils safest in high allergy prone individuals. That apart complimentary medicine uses gold too.

Acupressure uses rings to activate clear the block in heart and sometimes even mental illness. The material has to be gold simply because it will not lose potency by reacting with the atmospheric oxygen to get oxidized.

Boiling a pure gold ring in four parts of water, till it reduces to three parts and drinking this water while warm is believed to build immunity.

Astrologically, an afflicted Jupiter in the horoscope can be countered  by wearing  a gold ring on the pointer. This ring should be sanctified very Thursday by ritually coating it with sandlewood and then cleansing it with water. The ritual is performed  predawn. If one is in search of a mentor this ritual is believed to guide us to one.

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