About — AD….

ADIt was one afternoon, when my daughter who was reading a book, asked me what does in year circa  … something meant. I told her it meant so many years after Christ.

That’s when Aunt Vimala asked me,  are you sure? Well I was not, when Aunt Vimala wags a finger the tough get shaken. So I quietly looked up what circa meant.

Circa — at, in, or approximately used usually in reference to dates.

AD — Anno Domini– in the year of our lord.– medieval Latin.

BC for me always meant before coffee, but Merriam Webster says, it is.

We knew if Aunt Vimala threw this at us, she would have an interesting story to follow-up. She took us back to the time when she was a teacher at school and a colleague shared history lessons, with her. When the term was over and she took over as the teacher she commented

“I hope all of you know what AD means”

“yes m’m” chorused the class”

“OK someone tell me the full form”

“After Death” chorused the class again.

“what!! Where did you learn this”

“From Mr. Fernandes “ well he was the other history teacher.

At the staff room, Aunt Vimala asked,”Mr. Fernandes, what does AD mean” in all innocence.

Fernandes, puffed up, ”Mrs.Rao , it is so simple don’t you know?”

Just then Mrs. Bharve who taught Psychology came in, and Mr.Fernandes told her,”Mrs.Rao does wants to know the full form of AD”

Attention Deficiency”pat came the answer, of course Mrs.Bharve knew that Aunt Vimala had something up her sleeve, just then Mr.Hegde the school trustee came in, and Mr.Fernandes, decided to have fun at my Aunt’s expense.

“Sir, Mrs.Rao wants to the know the full form of AD can you help her?”

“Sure, Authorized Dealer” replied Mr.Hegde without even pausing to think. after all Mr.Hegde was a business man.

By this time Aunt Vimala could not control her laughter, she told Mr.Hegde and Mrs.Bharve the context in which she asked the question and of course set Mr.Fernandes right.

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