City Energies

 In the Hyderabad local
In the Hyderabad local

City energies.
Coming from a semi urban background, for me large cities are extremely draining. I kept wondering how does one get to harmony.
In an idiotic movie called Fanaa I heard a profound statement, every city has as a soul. Musing over it, Mumbai has a different rhythm from Delhi in the north or Chennai in the south.
But during my recent visit to Hyderabad, I realized, our cities definitely do have souls. They consume, create, evolve and breathe just the way Mother Nature does.DSCN8089[1]
We could be born and brought up in a particular city yet maybe we can never call it home. For each city is unique and defined not only by individuals who call it home but also by the energy it exudes. Sometimes cities are suffused by an aura of unshakable calm while others seem to in an eternal frenzy. Some inspire creativity within us, will some could arouse our curiosity.
I wonder what creates a city’s energy? Maybe the geography, or the people or the industry, or the culture definitely the vibrancy of living in an area full of warehouses and factories would different from living in an area with museums and artists. If we are blessed, we may reside in a city with a soul, sometimes we are lucky we find the soul of the city sometimes the city squashes us, it is just where the fate leads us and what we make of it.
soul of the cityI met this person who lived in an urban centre; initially she was feeling oppressed or robbed of vitality. She actually considered relocating to a locale that was more nurturing. But leaving the locality was impossible sometimes universe has plans. Was the time when I had just start working energy when we tried to figure out what was stressing her in the environment, what actually caused the aversion? We then took steps to cleanse it, her work place. Of course the early steps were smudging the work and professional space with sage, to dispel negativity, quartz crystal to ensure loving energy when she felt unloved.
What finally caused the healing and acceptance of the soul of the city was her learning indoor gardening. She then created her own garden, as the garden bloomed, she gave to the soul of the city, when gave she received and as she received she was accepted.

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