Making life mine,

storyteller-logoSometimes a simple shift in attitude helps us recognize so much for fulfillment in every event.
Here was a person in my space, a fair good writer, she was acknowledged for her work. During her awards ceremony her mother observed”haa now you have to be careful. Once people give you an award you cannot let them down.”
Another director friend of mine who comes from a family of theater artists had this pattern she always under-performed. She realized it stemmed from the fear that she is expected to create better in her next venture.
I remember a conversation with my husband. This took place when I was writing a short story. He turned round and asked me, “why do compare this with that? That was an experience of that person, done and over with. You have evolved with the experience so what you write now would reflect these experiences too.” This kind of changed the perceptions for me. No more was I bound by a yard stick handed by traditions.
I realized all yardsticks, delight, despair, success, better were all more within than without. Challenges yes, failures… yes when we decided what is that we consider failure and what we intend doing with it. Suddenly everything seemed possible. Provided I wanted it, and choices were mine.
If my mother said “this is good, now strive to do better next time” I should choose either to obey her, then I would have to ask her to define what her better is, or else I had the option of thanking God for a mother who cares and move on to my next criteria.
This shift could probably unearth hidden potential for every personal and outer world fulfillment, be it in an event, relationship, commitment, setback whatever.
when I overcome the tendency to focus on the negative assuming that the positive will take care of itself, I find myself tackling things with concentration and gusto, after all the universe is a chaotic place and it is what we make of it.
Something I fear could be exploring my own strengths, something unexpected is a surprise that adds flavor to my existence. When I have been able to take this stand with conviction I have been able to create an atmosphere that is jubilant.
Looking at each event in totality as though it was a new experience without being coloured by handed prejudices brings back a kind of energy.
When I do realize I am slipping back to my old pattern which is not very often only about 18hrs in a day, I just jot what I am facing and what is that I want to achieve in that experience and work from there. I can practically feel the shift in energies.

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