Good bye Zohra- Naani.

zohraZohra Sehgal
Passed away on July 10th, I find it little difficult to accept, it is almost as if she is going to pop up with another of rib tickling pranks.
The grand lady, the Doyen, I had only heard of from my grandmother Parwati. To her Zohra was a woman who lived on her terms, never bothered about boundaries that the society created. She was Uday Shankar’s student, then faculty at Almora. She married a man of her choice and they moved to Lahore where they started the Zohamesh dance academy. There was this hazy picture of an early IPTA actor that stayed in my memories. A Kathak dancer but nothing prepared me for grand woman of “Tandoori Nights.” Where she plays the mother of Jamunaprasad Sharma, better known as Jimmy Sharma.
She was like a live wire, twinkling eyes, and graceful movements. Suddenly the my Jane Marple had a face, the face of Zohra Sehgal, Bertie Wooster’s aunt Agatha had face, the face of Zohra Sehgal.
I would watch a movie as long as it had Zohra Sehgal in it, even it meant enduring Govinda.
They don’t make them like her anymore.
Rest in Peace, you are still alive in my memories. Thank You for enriching the world.

2 Replies to “Good bye Zohra- Naani.”

  1. Yes! I can’t forget her yelling and laughter. Laughter, powerful enough to test the concrete plaster in your room, if it remains intact, no Katrina, Charlie, Bobby, Rajni Hurricane can harm it. Hats off Zohra, rest in peace.

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