Shaking my tail feathers, like no one watching.

soul of the citySomewhere we are so bothered about what will people think, that we learn to suppress some of the most fun aspects of our individuality.
I know that when I do think of absurd observation, or something that seems very normal to me, I no more express it for the fear of it being unacceptable to others. I am learning to down play my eccentricities and portray an image that seems socially acceptable. So much so I have forgotten my true self.
Wearing  this mask has become such a habit, that I have forgotten what my true self was. When people from my past tell me that they appreciated some quality in me, that would turn out to be the very one that I have amputated because it did not confirm to the social acceptability.
A day without any judgements was a gift that nature gave me to remind me of the idiosyncrasies that are an important part of my existence. I did not bother about how fat and ugly I looked in the comfortable suit that I donned. My messy bun did not matter. Getting into the MMTS at Hyderabad, humming to myself, clicking pictures that invited me and going where destination called the entire day to myself believe me was such a joy.
It is like a conflict between our true self, our natural reaction and the self that we need to portray to be acceptable. The funny part is everyone has this duality in them. The short stay with myself I realized as we go through life we would encounter people who disapprove of our choices, but when we shake our tails like no one is watching, or to be more precise if people are watching its their trip we find there are equal number of people who appreciate the fact that we are honest.
I am just embarking on my journey to rediscover and embrace this buried trait. That means, I need to react the way I can free myself from the sentence declared by the judgement passed by someone else. It also means I cease to judge others by my yardstick.

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