Using our Inner Voice

inner voiceUsing our outside voice.
At the landmark education forum, one issue is getting what we want. Most of us there were grappling with issue of not being able to achieve or receive what we want.
Our coach Praveen Puri kept telling us, that you will never fail, one reason we do not achieve is that what we say want and what we really want are different. his take was our best chance of getting what we need is to communicate by converting our inner voice to our outside voice.
I realized like most people I had developed an internal filtering process that helps me choose which part of my constant inner monologue gets voiced outside of my head. Sometimes the choice was based on what I considered to be polite or appropriate, using subtlety instead of directness to try to get my point across. There were times when the choice was made based on my expectation of the other person what I felt they should know about me, my feelings and needs.
Now Praveen told us our best bet was specifically converting our inner voice to our outside voice. What he told us, that we do may think it is unnecessary particularly when we think the other person has the same information we ourselves are working with. But what we forget is they have their own inner voice evaluating what they hear in the light of their own issues and needs. With so much consider sift through we are probably better off if we communicate precisely. This would minimize change for misinterpretation, but voice our thoughts it is an act of creation.
As we convert the thought and imagination to sound we are releasing it from the chamber of our minds into the outside world. This carries energies and intention with it, making our thoughts, wishes and even dreams come true.
When we have the courage to speak our minds and use our voice to send the desires of our hearts from our inner world to the world outside, we take a bold step in making it happen. by removing fear of what others may think and expectation of what others should understand, we free ourselves and our thoughts from the bondage of mental chamber and let loose our desires onto the canvas of the world.
As I began accepting that I have a choice about how to communicate, I am learning to choose to use my outside voice and watch its creative power at work.





2 responses to “Using our Inner Voice”

  1. kokilagupta Avatar

    Nice post.. I have learned-unlearned and now re-learning….sort of :/

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