Respecting Nature.

inner voiceOpen and listening.
This was about four years ago, one silent morning, the dogs barked loudly for a few seconds and then there was a silence that was almost chilling. With the sun rose we realized we had a panther visiting our building it had had breakfast on our neighbour’s car hood.
After staying here for 5yrs, we have learnt to share the space with squirrels’, birds and yes even the panthers. The blooming of flowers that signals the oncoming season. The brown birds that come in Feb.-march these blend with cotton pods making it difficult to know whether it is a leaf or a bird, suddenly come spring the brown pods drop off, newer green ones emerge inviting the parrots.
We spend our days in houses, cars and building maybe because we feel in control inside these structures. Our will can be asserted and the environment can manipulated within the context of human world. Many times I see that we carry this attitude with us into the world of nature, we forget as we enter the forest or sit on the edge of a pond, that we are moving into another realm, which asks us to drop our baggage and surrender to a different sense of order and meaning.
When we shifted into this house on the edge of the forest, we initially did not notice, our conversations on cell phone went on as usual; we rushed on the road like we were at a busy street, our eyes downcast and thought hectic, hurried and planning. But somewhere we have become more sensitive to the morning peacock cries. With the advent of the monsoon the seasonal flowers blooming.
We have found that the rustling of leaves have a rhythm that matches us, or to be more precise our breathing matches the rhythm of rustling leaves. When the squirrel comes visiting I have learnt to drop my voice. Like I have learnt to share my breakfast with crow.
The gentle breeze heals like the choppy winds energizes, there is a magic in the presence.
Sometimes I wonder if we destroy nature in the name of “development” because it reminds us of our smallness and calls us back into a deeper, quieter part of origin.
Yet when we honour nature by being respectful in its presence we honour the mystery and wild beauty of our origin. All we need to do is when in nature we need to remember we are moving into another realm a realm that that asks to drop our baggage and surrender.

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