Filling an imaginary void

Prajyot Mayemkar the CEO of Androcid and a leader in the Goa android movement was helping me buy netbook. He was very considerate to an illiterate senior but one thing that he told me at the end of the conversation remained “See, all these gizmo’s have a life span of max 5yrs. But the minute you buy this one, you will realize the next generation one is launched and you are made to believe that life is impossible without it. But if you really think about it, life is possible even without this one.”
Coming to think of it, we are constantly encouraged to consume to the extent it has become a culture. Be it gizmo’s clothes, or even food, we land up spending money that we may not actually have. The joy of the buy is only for a while, maybe until we eat the food, or wear the outfit once… I opening a wardrobe full of saris and saying oh! I have nothing to wear– why does that happen? Is this a symptom of disconnect from ourselves?
Often I have noticed with me, the main cause for the desire to eat or shop, is boredom. This is also a marker of disconnect from our true self. As I got cantered and connected to my centre, my intuition guided me to a place where my energy can be best used. I replaced boredom particularly when I waited at the railways station or physician’s office with either meditation or sacred scribbling, in the larger picture learning something new I found the void vanishing along with the need to consume.
What appeared in my space was connecting to myself, was aligning myself to the universe, and the universe lacks nothing. When was physically feeding myself or consuming something from the various product range I was addressing a marker that said, “hey buddy, you are starved” and I read the marker reverse. With connecting with my inner self I did not have to consume to heal, or fill imaginary voids.
Somehow these epiphanies seem to occur when muse over my journal or gratitude book.

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