Essentially Authentic

psychicEssentially authentic
At the landmark Forum, the coaches insist that we have to be essentially authentic. And reveal our true self. When we did not we were being inauthentic.
It took me a while to even understand what they were talking about let alone practise. Being brought up in a joint family, under the shadow of an extremely intelligent and beautiful older cousin by a mother to whom public opinion was the top most priority my survival skill was to live a dual life. I was extremely brash and was a verbal bully. What went unnoticed by me was that the behaviour was draining my inner harmony.
At forum I realized our true self exists whether we acknowledge it or not, many times buried under our fears and learned behaviour, for me it was the world is out to get you attack is the best form of defence.
The word identity in itself is an elusive concept, it is the need we have to define ourselves using relatively small selection of roles and conscious character trails despite none accurately representing our notion of the “self” the confusion surrounding our true nature is further compounded by the fact the society regularly asks us to suppress so much of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual vibrancy. Yet we are in truth beings of light pure energy inhabiting physical bodies striving for enlighten while living lives. Our true selves and divinity lies buried within us until we recognize it.
Once we recognize our power, our luminosity, and divinity we cannot but live authentic lives of appreciation, potential, grace and fulfilment.
From birth through childhood, our thoughts feeling expressed are more likely to be more authentic, gradually we learn behaviour responses that get us approval; acceptance and we learn them until the true self effectively gets buried.
When we realize that we are ordinary being and we set on the path of recapture, it is not impossible, though of course involving effort it is possible. As we walk the path of connecting to our inner self, we are more articulate without being abrasive.
Healers and seekers have opted for meditation, affirmation, communicating with nature to remind us of the special role that we were meant to play in this lifetime. This rediscovery demands roles and traits like time and courage. If we have set on the recovery path at a later stage in life, then to separate the true self from identity we have created to cope with world is more difficult. Once we do find this authentic self there is a wonderful sense of wholeness as we reconcile our spiritual aspect and our physical aspect, the inner and outer persona begin to merge, and allows us to discover that marvellous destiny we are here to fulfil.

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