Two Sides Of the Same Moon

xammi- moon cycleTetisa kopi devargala oda goodi hattavataarava nettidanamma.
Is a verse from the famous purandaradasa’s poetry. Well, this translates to along with thirty three crores of gods he (Vishnu) took ten avatars.
This has been a bone of contention, and even ridicule. But we never put it to context.
When we say gods, we are talking about things we have to revere, and nature is one of them. The vast universe which in its amazing harmony nurtures all life and non-life.
Yet we react rather negatively when it comes to the darkness, moon. We don’t think of the comfort of the darkness that heals repairs and rejuvenate us, something that eliminates the negative and fortifies us to forge ahead.
Our ancestors once did honour the moon and its cycles with rituals that help us connect to a more natural life.
The cyclic waxing and waning of the moon in the night sky, lighting the expanse with its luminous gentle glow this has been the way of the earth as long as it has existed. The moon grew from dark to full and back again, catching the eyes of generations of living creature since the beginning of the earth. Guiding our ancestors in planting, sowing and reaping of their crops.
During one of my sojourns at the hospital I was under pethadine , the darkness though was initially scary, as I let myself into its arms I remembered the Ratri Suktam, where the divine mother manifests as Ratri Devi or the goddess of darkness to protect us from harshness of the sun. She soothes, she brings forth our errors of the day, so that we can face it and deal with it without pressures in our own quite space.
Learning about things I had been a conversation with Gopal Sarma my coach at the Landmark Forum, he told me look at negativity like darkness, something that needs light, healing, or maybe even incubation. Learn from the cycle of the moon it’s like a phoenix he said.
It was really experience to practise the concept of honouring the moon with simple rituals it helps connect to the natural ebb and flow of energy.
If we need to demystify this ,then the dark moons and new moons represent polar moments of beginning and realization in the arc of the moon’s phases. When the moon is dark we might take time to meditate on emptiness, the fertile ground in which seeds take root. A simple ritual for acknowledging this potent phase of the moon would be able to write down new plans and ideas that present themselves.
When I look back on the year of dark moons I am amazed to see the number of my dreams and visions have blossomed.
Full moon symbolizes the completion and fulfilment, the realization of the seed, and they are times of celebrations. They are great time to gather friends and family to partake in a communal feast acknowledging the apex of another monthly cycle.
Honouring the dark and full moons with these simple rituals bring us our year into a new kind of focus. As we acknowledge the flow of the moon’s cycles, we become more comfortable with the changing nature of our earthly lives making our peace with each phase. And with the shifting from emptiness to fullness and back again. We strengthen our connection to the universe in which we live and find peace in both emptiness and fullness, each of which is natural and necessary two sides of the same moon.
Those interested in the moon ritual workshop can leave a query here.

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