Feeling Under the Weather…Don’t worry

Another experience as I was recovering from my burns was the tremendous itch and irritation of the wounds. With both my hands being connected to IV’s there was no way I could scratch it. I would breathe deeply, and imagine that the itching sensation was waves bile salt surfacing along with it I would just keep telling myself this temporary, I shall be healed of this too.
Eventually I practised applying this concept to most of the aches or challenges that I had to face I found that facing these challenges seemed easier. I just accepted this as my way with dealing with what I had to, may be a form of escapism but if it is helped it is fine.
Couple of months later I was attending a workshop by Asma D’souza a facilitator for Louise Hay healing, she had something very interesting to share…
At times when we are de-toxing our bodies or going through the ascension process, we experience aches in our bodies and manifest these flu like symptoms. We find ourselves feeling fatigued and even sad, as if we might be coming down with something. This according to her was a natural part of any cleansing process and commonly accompanied deep inner work. This essentially meant we were to examine our inner emotions and our beliefs, which often prompt deep inner changes as well as external shifts, this is tiring for the body. Feeling under weather is the way they let us know that it’s time to take- a break. Learning to listen to and honour our bodies is also a part of the process of becoming more conscious.
If we begin to feel unwell, or out of sorts we need to make an effort to get extra sleep this could me an earlier bed time or a nap during the day. Lots of water and healthy eating also helps. I know one healer friend who asks her guardian angel for help. I find self hypnosis helpful. To my hypnotherapy clients depending on the fatigued body part we rework an affirmation.
It is but natural to through times of feeling under the weather, so there is no reason to worry. on the contrary freely letting of worry and resting peacefully in the knowledge that this too shall pass is more strengthening, healthier in the long run and further the healing process.

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