An Inner Choice

choiceAn inner choice – peace.

“Please write out  what is that is not going the way it should in your life” was what introduction to the forum leader Hemant told us.

Each one of us had something written down. He then asked us to enquire with us why was not it the way it should be. We were at a loss.

“ if it were ideal how would it be for you? What would it look like? “we pondered on that,

“what is that missing factor that makes it  so” here is where we were caught ourselves. But he followed it up with something more powerful, since I was dealing anger and conflict he said, I was bringing that into my every area of life, and relationship. Though my reaction was “bullshit” then I realized he was right.

We can only give what we have, we cannot bring to the world what we do not have.

If had to have a no conflict situation with my mother, I had to come from a point where I have no conflict that would mean I choose not have a conflict. That was not really right, I had to choose to bring in peace.

As I sat down to analyze my relationship with peace i came up with these notions that I had entertained through my life

One can truly peaceful only when one is six feet under.

Life grows from odds, for that keeps us alert and innovative.

Peace means being detached.

Peace meant being disinterested.

Rightly or wrongly I had these notions that did not allow me to accept peace into my life. I had little disdain for people who were peaceful. Most importantly I realized I had mixed up calm, detached, uninvolved, and disinterested with peace.

I caught myself reaching the anger point when did two things that I really disliked doing, making rotis and another was washing dishes, I actively started playing the Buddha mantra and the Louise Hay’s abundance workshop while I did these jobs.  I did this for twenty-one days, I put up a flow chart of my clinic, over the kitchen workplace and the flow chart of my novel over the sink,  what I noticed was I was less angry everywhere.

It was then that I realized that people who manifest peace internally are no different from us, the chattering thoughts and troubled emotions are there too,, the difference is that they do not- lend their energy to them, so those thoughts and feelings can simply rise and fall like waves of the ocean without disturbing the deeper waters of peacefulness within.

We all have this ability to choose how we distribute our energy, with practise we grow increasingly more serene as we choose the vibration of peace over the vibration of conflict. We begin to see our thoughts and feelings as tiny objects on the surface of our being that does not really threaten the deep interior stillness that is the source of peacefulness.

When we find that we are able to locate ourselves more and more in the deeper waters and less on the tumultuous surface of our being, we have discovered a lasting relationship with peace that will enable us to inspire beyond ourselves. Until then, we help ourselves most by practising the art of choosing peace within.


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