Finding the place where you belong.

an relic from 1800 a tree in front of the museum
an relic from 1800 a tree in front of the museum

There was this phase in my life, when I was intensely into my clinic and my home. Even those days I did read and practise my dance.

Then came a phase when I balanced between my dance and clinic, I call this my rajasic phase I did lot of choreography got acknowledged for what ever knowledge that i could share

now I am a phase where I am become more and more of recluse. The phase of my sattva, i am definitely more at peace with myself here. but each phase there have been pushes a sense of restlessness. I like to think it is my soul that was evolving faster than my circumstances and trying to bend the circumstances to reach home.

Each of this change seemed to be preceded by an event to handle which I acknowledged different skill sets and learn new habits. It was as if a part of me was eager to move to another home, another state, or another plane of existence but I was tied to my current mode being make my moving into the other phase rather difficult. It was as if the universe took matters into her hand and pushed me to where my soul wanted to go.

It was as if the subconscious mind was ready to move forward long before I recognized that I was destined to embrace a new way of life, the sould seem intuitively understand that changing habits were vital part of the growth. When I did become ready to match my situation to my soul there has been tremendous harmony and increasing connect to the ebb and flow of the universe.

When I think about it, moving could be defined in many wasy, it could be from one locale to another that we instantly know will nurture us better, more comfortable, and spiritually enriching. Once we arrive our misgivings vanish. We know we have found a sanctuary. This is probably what is called as Karmabhoomi.

The movement could be moving away from a set of individuals and associating ourselves with another set who support you better. It could be moving away from our birth home to our spiritual home, the path of travel maynot be clear but clarity may come in the form of a question if we are willing to seriously ask ourselves where our soul is trying to take us.

Maybe moving from one point to another when we are strongly driven to do so in a way of bringing our spiritual and earthly energies to gather. It is a two step process that involves both letting go and reconnecting.

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