Saying yes to the Universe.

xammi-spider medicineSaying yes to the Universe.

Sometimes in accepting things that come our way I think we are saying yes to the universe and it delivers exactly what our soul wants.

Sometimes these are very small things, like a gift that someone gives us, we say no. But it was a gift from the universe, we said no to the pampering, the acknowledge from the universe, if we could accept it gracefully it is beautiful

Saying yes to the universe would mean accepting everything that is put in front of us, it may be something we like, or it could be something that we don’t like . when we accept and access, and acknowledge that this does not work for us, we can move on. we can begin the process of change.

For a long time, I used to think saying yes to the universe randomly meant being a doormat, but at the Landmark Forum I kind of got aware of the fact, it is accepting the situation, conversing with the universe with a very powerful word yes and things begin to move.

For example we do the annual Navaratri performance. My students are time challenged it almost came to a know. I had to have faith in the universe and find a way out. The students came up with “Didi, lets break the performance up, You have a 10mnts, experimental performance with the younger kids, 10mnts classical performance that leaves us with 20mnts we could repeat a previously practised performance with minor changes and it becomes do-able.” I am glad I did not directly say a no!!

One particular participant I depended on, would comit  for the rehearsal and not turn she would neither pick up calls, that was frustrating. Somewhere within me, my truest story was she will let me down. And the universe ensured that I did happen. my learning here was it was no use creating a working plan, it was important to work the plan through.

The more we resist a situation more it persists, since it stays behind as an incomplete activity. when we say yes our conversation becomes positive and aligns with a force greater than us.

After saying yes and traversing the journey we might discover that the route is not for us, that is okay to we acknowledge that it is not for us because it does not match our goal. This acknowledgement allows us to look at alternates.

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