The morning meditation.

ushaWe were in a lecture by the Rudra Veena exponent Ustaad Bahuddin Dagar who was saying that their teaching follows the guru shishya parampara and the students have to wake up such that they start riyaaz at the Brahma Muhuruta.

Personally for me it is the most creative time. It also the time when I am best tuned to learning and understanding something.

Just before the pale rays of dawn, Mother Nature exists in a state of flux. The earth energy is stable, the discordant vibrations that are the by products of the humanities coming and going are still. In these first moments of the day when the sun’s golden light only peeks over the horizon our animal mind remains slumbering though we are awake.

The Ratri Devi (beautifully described in the Ratri Sukta.) has washed away the impurities of existence that had accumulated within us, so our mental, physical and emotional potential is heightened.  If one could meditate in this peaceful yet energetically charged in between time it is a great time to connect with universe. The communion is very intimate, and we discover a kinship with the universal life forces during morning meditation because our awareness becomes a mirror for earthly consciousness – we wake as the world wakes, quietly embracing the joy of being and setting the tone for a serene fulfilling day.

The first glorious glow of the morning,  the light, air, and the energy that flows around us speak in hushed tones of the activity to come. While we recognize that another day of being means becoming once again immersed in the challenges of action and reaction. We also understand that we can draw upon the unique energetic qualities of daybreak for comfort, creativity and vigour. It is as Usha the goddess of dawn gifts us another day of existence. The sights and sounds of the arrival of Aruna the charioteer of the Suryanarayana the Sun God are inspiring. Like the Birds serenade, the luminosity which grows richer by the minute and our residual lethargy giving way to the vitality as our meditation helps us to become one with stirring of the day.  The destiny is has not yet been written and so there is nothing we cannot do.

It is immaterial how we choose to meditate; the important thing is to attune ourselves to the spirit of wakefulness that travels round the world each day.  The quiet contemplation, in the muted light of the sun can put all that is yet to come into a perspective. As a consequence of our daybreak reflections, our lives are imbued with same stability, tranquillity and increased awareness that the humanity has long associated with the stillness of the early morning.

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