The wisdom of surrender,

surrenderThe wisdom of surrender,

The space in front of our house, had rough terrain with rocks, weeds and in the rains it had its own untamed beauty. Then came the city landscapers they flattened the rocks, placed sand, and erected play pens. Guess what, nature did not resist, in her own quiet way she emerged as grass, moss and wild flowers over the sand. Today after two years of the landscaping the terrain looks just like it did before the landscaper got in.

Somehow this observation reminded me of the Buddhist folk tale, where a monk wanted to run away from the demons who disturbed his meditation, he resisted them, he fought them and finally surrendered. Once he surrendered he found that they just went away.

Another experience of this was when I was recovering from an accident where my ankle was smashed.  the wound would throw up waves of what felt like metal pins, poking the inner surface of my skin. I would kick, moan, cry and then try to hold stiff, but nothing worked, until one day I started naming each wave as it began, and visualizing a wave of pin as if it was the ocean crashing against the rock. I knew that these waves would be there for about 10mnts then there would be relief for another hour. The pain then became bearable.

This was the point when I realized that the pain also moved in the same pattern as the ocean waves  a high and a low.

This whole understanding articulated for me at the Landmark Forum, where the coach told us, that resistance tends to strengthen the energies, it attempts to oppose by giving them power and energy to work against. Haven’t we all experienced this often, I mean being haunted by the same issue, no matter how much we resist it, it seem to slowly creep in until it consumes our very existence.  There is no ignoring it, avoiding or running away from it.  physics and metaphysics sums it up with this pithy phrase: That Which You Resist Persists .

Sometimes I think resistance keeps us from learning more about what we resist. To understand something we need to be open enough to receive its energy.

I wonder if what plagues us, manifests in our space as people, events, and issues that appear beyond our control. But all these external expressions are reflection of what is inside.  When I understood this believe me I was truly empowered for surrendering to something within us is, safe though a bit scary for we many find ourselves in the company of lot of resistance as we begin the process of opening to what we fear. But the more we learn to surrender the more demons within us disappear making us courageous

Something amazing happens when we surrender and just love. We melt into another world, a realm of power already within us. The world changes when we change. the world softens when we soften. The world loves us when we choose to love the world.”

Marianne Williamson

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