NaMo Namasmaranam…

xammi-modiOf the Navavidha Bhakti, naamasmaranam  is one, and Ravana .was declared a Ram Bhakt because he  kept thinking of Ram even though it was to plot his down fall.

Each time I read such venomous hatred against BJP or Modi I am reminded of this.

Whatever our individual opinion of the party, we need to understand that the country has voted him unanimously. The sleeping giant has woken up people who never voted did.

Do not make it a Modi vs. Manmohan war, when Dr.Singh was the face of congress, congress won the election it is only when the switch was graceless that people withdrew.

US of A refused the man Visa till almost  four months ago, today they have no choice but to host him.  We might ridicule that the Indian press has renamed America as Namorica, well the Indian English press always wanted validation from the west. The so called, educated, urban, secular, intellensia seem to make it us versus them, when it is one among us..’s-visit-to-New-York this is something that I found so obnoxious, it was even more obnoxious that our “intelligentsia was sharing this and laughing with this uncouth person.” For heaven sake, the man is representing us, we have put him in the parliament as our representative so if Mr. John-obnoxious Oliver is ridiculing Mr.Modi he is ridiculing us!! can you imagine what would happen if each one of us took this as a person offense?

Okay Modi is not a Fulbright scholar, Cambridge drop out or an oxford scholar, but he is right now a man who is unifying the country, giving it hope. Whether he will carry his promise through or not is another story.

Another grouse, he does not speak English why should he? He speaks Hindi which is a major language in the country he can always find translators for other languages. Don’t all other leaders speak their the language of their country, maybe Mr.Modi should speak Guajarati.

If you do have grouses, go to his website and mention it. Someone from his team will get back to you. At least they did to me.

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