Aurangazeb’s City.

DSCN8147I heard of Aurangabad, in early 90’s until then it was a nebulous town that we read in history.

DSCN8148Finally June 30th I did visit the town. Nothing prepared me for this lovely town. Which was energetic without the hustle and bustle , an old world charm that was had interesting contemporary architecture juxtaposition. Right from the cave inhabitation to the modern multi-storeyed buildings.

DSCN8150The fort built by Aurangzeb (I do have a date with this elusive gentleman from history) each time I exclaimed “Fort” our escort looked at me paused and corrected me, “Quila naayiho, bidri” eventually I had to ask him what was the difference. He told me quila was the fort and Bidri’s were smaller building that could be official buildings, prayer houses etc.

I really felt here was a city in the shadow of the UNESCO world heritage Ajanta and Ellora that kind of steals the thunder from the rest of the city. Like the Bibi ka Makhbara staying in the shadow of the Taaj.

The fort built by Aurangzeb is on the peak of a steep hillock, it has a iron cannon, I actually wondered how did the building material and later the cannon actually go up the hill.DSCN8151

Aurangabad is nicknamed the city of Gates one comes across them as we drive around the city.

Malik Ambar the Prime minister of Murtaza Nizam of Ahmadnagar made Khadki a village into the capital city, his son succeeded him in 1626 he renamed the city as Fatehnagar, when Daulatabad was captured by the Moghal imperial army and Aurangzeb was the viceroy of Deccan for the second time, he renamed it as Aurangabad. The city has sometimes been referred to by the chroniclers of Aurangzeb as Khujista Bunyad.

I really need to apologise to the town, we did not get round to seeing either the renowned wooden toys nor the Paitani weaving.

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