Finding the deep strength.

  • xammi- life treeBeing tossed into the sea by a overturned boat,
  • Dating the crab briefly
  • Having a thrust with burns,
  • An ankle crushed
  • Appendix extracted.
  • Being the resident muse of the gossiping town.
  • The butt of venomous aunt’s tongue.

My life has been adventurous, times of absolute low. Yet when I look i did survive those trials and I am quite amazed.

Just look back in your lives, those moments when you faced pressure that mounts beyond what you think you can handle. That moment when you were so tired, and thought that you could carry on, just as you got out of one event, the next drama awaiting to call, from one disaster to the other, wondering when would this trial be over.

Those moments when life did not seem fair.  I realize that I face up to awful things because I can’t go around them, or forget them. The sooner  I could say,”Yes, it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it,” the sooner I could get on with my own life. I had children to bring up ,I had to get over things, and somehow I did, even the worst things.

Another thing I appreciate in retrospect is life is best when everything has fallen out place, and I decide I’m going to fight to get them right, not when everything is going my way and everyone is praising me.

When we look back we see we have survived many trials and obstances,  each time having to dip deeper into our hidden reserves to achieve that breakthrough. Something like the ice over a frozen lake. The only way to melt this resistance away to lot of people is love, over ourselves and resistance too.

But I find each time what did tide me over, was acceptance that I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and stretched, that allowed me to give myself unconditional warmth of a faith in myself. Faith is why I’m here today and faith is how I made it through.

Coming to think of it, Henry David Thoreau, is right, however mean life is, meet it and live it; there is no point in shunning it and calling it hard names. It is not as bad as we make it. if a person wants to find fault he can do so even in paradise. So maybe  if we love our lives poor as it is, we might have some pleasant thrilling, glorious hours even in a poor house. the setting sun is reflected from the windows of a almshouse as brightly as from the rich man’s abode

We do find that strength lurks deep within us.

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