Challenge and Anxiety

The annual Dussehra performance and I was totally aghast when my performers could not perform since the institution where I took the workshop had suspended the students. Handling the crisis I realized my entire visual of disappointing the audience and anxiety took toll before I even looked at a solution.

Most of us are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Like Hanuman from the Valmiki Ramayan we need to remind of our strength. Hanuman as our scriptures tell us, was a person who did not know his own strength it took Jambhavan  to make him aware of what magnificence- was  despite the assurance from Jambhavan Hanuman surrendered to his faith on the Lord and travelled the journey to Lanka.

Our immediate reaction to a challenge or adversity is panic; we never really have faith either in our intrinsic abilities or the divine. Yet we go through it, the Agni pareeksha, our capacity to cape with the life challenge is far more than our capacity to feel nervousness.

If Hanuman had succumbed to procrastinating on Mainak, or gone into a panic when facing Sursa he would have not come over the challenge of crossing the sea to reach Sita.

Our anxiety creates visuals of various disasters, and all of them seem so real that we are overwhelmed by it. Our intrinsic logic is overpowered by illogical fear and unwarranted worry. Reasoning would help us overcome issues but fear does not allow reasoning one way of overcoming this would be, to put down the fear on paper and look at ways to overcome it.

One method I learnt from my grandmother a transcendental meditation instructor is okay this is what worries me, and why exactly it worries, and what the solutions are for it. In my clinic I have created a worksheet for people to handle worry and anxiety, it does seem to work to a certain extent

But what really helps is meditation, since it grounds us in the moment it brings us to the focal point maybe  breathing, visualization, the anxiety dissipates allowing the brain to refresh. Since the focal point during the meditation is out of the sphere of challenge when we reconsider there is a shift in paradigm

A challenge is usually companied by excitement and fear, once we eliminated the fear, its only the excitement that is left.

One Reply to “Challenge and Anxiety”

  1. Yes, we got the solution of almost every problem in our Books, but the misery is that we simply don’t believe it when our grannies tell us. We wonder when a foreign tv channel telecast it that the solution was the part of ancient Indians who left behind their remedies in books. The books which are worshipped by ppl to get a ticket for heaven, and not for the solution one is stuck.
    The same thing applied on Muslims and Holy Qura’an. Wish they can understand what AL-Qura’an really says… Its unfortunate and ridiculous.

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