Travel Etiquette,

xammi-goa expressThe Goa express is late as usual.

The schedule arrival time being 4.20pm flashes on the Pune Junction display board, its 4.20 the platform is not yet announced. Neither has the Indian railways been kind enough to tell us that the train is delayed.

Anyway at 5.20 the train chugs in, and we get in. in all my years of travel here was a group that I really found interesting. That’s another blog anyway.

There were a senior couple in their late 70’s another senior citizen in of the same age the rest of us in our mid or late forties. As we enter the carriage we find a steel trunk that is just along as the berth blocking the pathway.

We did try to enquire who it belonged to. No passenger seem to own this baggage. The staff of the railways were extremely rude, when we asked their help to move, the box was too cumbersome for us manipulate it. eventually out sheer disgust we pulled right to the pathway so that it obstructed the path of people who wanted to move about. This particularly effected the railway vendors.

the box was now moved, when a youngish man came charging at us, shouting abusively because the trunk belonged to him!! Anyway having moved the box we saw volumes of garbage underneath the berth where the baggage was to go, so much for “swatcha bharat abhiyan.”

Probably some things we could follow to make everyone’s journey a little more comfortable.

  1. Do not hog the berth space.
  2. Do not hog the luggage space.
  3. Do not smoke in the public space.
  4. Do not carrying smelly food.
  5. Do have loud conversations have music blaring.
  6. Do not intrude on the other passenger’s space with inquisitive questions.
  7. Do not litter the carriage. If the dustbin is full collect the garbage in a carrier that can be disposed into the garbage bins at various stations.
  8. Do not use the toilet when the train is stationary.

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