Kid stuff

psychic“baccha hai” is the excuse for all irresponsible acts in our culture.

Yes baccha or kid could be irresponsible, sometimes we learn from there.

When we were practising Navavidha bhakti for Ashada Ekadashi at Puttaparthi, there was this little girl, who was all of 6yrs. she was to perform atmanivedhana… this was a concept that even adults could not understand, I wondered how would I get this little girl to translate it, she looked at me in the eye, very firmly and told, me atmanivedhana means, I am not I, but I am baba. I was truly humbled.

I was so full ideas about what I could teach them about this life, but this little girl taught me much more.

Another time my ten-year old nephew was rendered semi-spastic after an accident. It was another nephew’s birthday, this group of normally boisterous boys, decided to play indoors, that to darts. I was so annoyed, and then my birthday-boy  nephew took me aside and told me, “Dada cannot walk out, if we play running games he we will feel left out, so we have decided to play indoor games.”

It’s not just these sensitivities; kids are very rarely burdened with preconceived notions. Appearances don’t really matter to them. Actually if you can let kids loose with random stuff, they will use their imagination and come up with the most innovative toys and games.

In some of my workshops I follow looking, listening and responding to their leads. Like Sugata mitra’s experiment where he left a TV screen on a wall, that had an entire lecture on plant genetics, the first two days the kids just watched, on the third day one kid took on explaining to others, and the process of learning began. There was pooling of understanding and their flow was very different from a schooled path would have been.

Children can exist totally in the present moment. If only we could be like that,

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