Truth within–The value of my wisdom

DSCN8271It took Landmark forum, though a little late in life, for me to value my own instinct, intuition, inner wisdom or whatever we choose to call it. I am sure you must have all been there at some point or the other.

There were always people who presume to know what is best for me, what the hell, I do not know whether to say I am blessed, I still have them. Its not that their inputs or wrong or not welcome, but they cannot give me the insight, or even the personal vision that i have for myself. This is the most valuable of the gifts given to us by nature. This is can stay unacknowledged or unused, but it cannot be unlearned, we could do well to value, honour and use it.

When I look at myself, I see how much I have been false to this, and doubted my personal wisdom. When I look at the kind of people who land in my clinic, on the face of it successful professional I discover that they do not even know that it exists. When they suspect that it does, then they are too scared to use it. they are driven outside for sources of information and validation because they are afraid. Actually what our heart tells us is invariably true, and as we develop self trust and recognize our wisdom we can commit ourselves on its basis. This makes life more beautiful.

Inner wisdom is subject to the influence of the outside world, that means it will never demand that we surrender our free will nor will it counsel us to act in opposition to our values, but it makes itself heard or effective only when let ourselves to be open to be inspired by it.

We are trained by a culture that says age, knows best, obey is equivalent to respect, when I let go of the notion that others are more competent in deciding my fate, and took responsibility for my fate in tune with my inner wisdom  i was able to identify the blessings that I had. Being unsure  of who to trust, how to respond, or what I require all had answers within my inner wisdom.  It was as if, my soul took charge knowing where I came from and where I wanted to go.

I could encounter my strengths and forge along my path with conviction and confidence. The patterns, people the insecurities that held me back slowly dismantle paving way for me to fulfil my passion and potential.






2 responses to “Truth within–The value of my wisdom”

  1. dr sweetyshinde Avatar

    ah, yes, the eternal balance between traditional obedience and self-discovery. Is it a phenomenon unique to Indians or all over the world?

    1. parwatisingari Avatar

      We are still stuck with do not question authority in India, and also chronologic age is still revered, in that sense it is more dominant in India. Though subtle variation of this is seen world wide.

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