Following the nature’s cycle, — earth living.

Ritu samhara by Kalidasa is favourite of mine where each season is described as  a pair of lovers. Then there is Baramas, both Meera, and by Ravidas that drift into the tradition of Sufism where with the divine-devotee and seasons. My personal god and theatre guru Ratan Thiyam, presented Ritu samahara, as the way Kalidas did that as lovers, then he wove-in the gradual moving away from nature  and natural cycle.

There are subtle hints of this imabalance reflecting in our lives. When we forget to include either the earth or the natural rhythm in our lives.

Despite all the effort mankind has put in, we have not found a way to match the awesome power of the earth, though we have found ways to work with it. nature in all its manifestation is the most powerful force on earth. The ancients observed and harnessed the natural cycles, honouring the changes as festivals with rituals of welcome and gratitude.

People working in call centers who are tuned to the American cycle tend to invite a lot of biorhythmic shock that causes physiologic imbalance and the rest cycle is totally stressed. What actually gets hit the most is the repair and rejuvenation. For we a week we did this interesting experiment, that is we woke up without alarms letting the body follow its rhythm. It meant sleeping when we felt sleepy and eating only when we were hungry. The first three days our body was totally confused. Then we found that we wore exactly at day break, and did not feel sleepy during the day. Of course we did feel the body rhythms cooling after dusk.

A village in the US have opted for locavoria, which consuming only locally indigenously grown vegetables and fruits, and as per their seasons oh! Yes the food was not to be tampered through bioengineering. The population found that their energy levels were much better, and that they had fewer digestion and fatigue issues.

On the second phase they opted for natural lighting that is they woke with the rising sun and went to bed at dusk. They allowed themselves electricity for a definite period, again they found that the blood pressure was more constant.

When people talk of healing and finding balance in their lives, between work and family, emotions and intellect we forget one great balance that we need to achieve between us and our environment. With other living creatures of the plant and animal kingdoms.

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