A Minister for Yoga,

We now have an AYUSH ministry.

It seems to draw a lot of flack. Asia Pacific called the minister in charge as the minister for Yoga.  Of course the “Intelligentsia” the post residents of urban India find that embarrassing whatever. 

The excerpt from Asia-Pacific is as follows “The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed a yoga minister in a major revamp of his government after storming to power in May in a bid to promote the ancient practise.”  The article goes ahead focusing on Yoga, which is of course therapeutic it also sends a message of something being outdated.  But the focus of AYUSH is not just yoga, yoga is part of it, the focus of AYUSH is

 Ayurveda-Yoga-Unani- Siddha- Homeopathy.

Of course naturopathy is also part of it. The article also presents itself as right-wing venture.  But all of you who call yourself intelligent-educated-secular-progressive think beyond what Asia-Pacific or Washington post is telling you and understand the need of the hour.

The need to bring Ayurveda out from its current manifestation of massage and herbal cosmetic has to stop. It is a science which is very logic and talks of minimum invasion. Unani and Siddha are used by western pharma companies while we in India where the knowledge bank exist don’t acknowledge it.

Yoga is not about the studio run by Shirin Yogawallah or Jack Revolta, or the crappie NDTV presentation  …”Yogasutra” there is more it, of course it is not a panacea of all disease but it can help in many.

WHO defines health as: Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

To achieve this it is essential to revive AYUSH and focus on its growth to achieve a healthy balance

I am sharing a few excerpts of the facebook kind.  I appalled at their lack of information

Sandhya Suri Can I please choke?

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Beingme Neela baba ramadev wud be the right person for this post… we can add cosmetic surgery and genetics too.

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Max Babi why not go the whole hog and appoint Dina Nath Batra?

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3 Replies to “A Minister for Yoga,”

  1. Any system will have its own dos and donts based on observations over long of time and logical inferences drawn on its basis.When it is practiced by people trained in it by experts in the field it is bound to give results as good as any other system(mostly positive and occasionally negative). it is the self proclaimed practitioners or quacks who spoil the reputation of the entire system.

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