A Hero Remembered.

Lachit Borphukan of Ahom.

While the nation divides it self’s into Nehruvians and Sanghi’s there are other heroes who have laid down their lives in the service of their mother land.  A few like Bhagat Singh or Azad from the cowbelt do get recognized when the Nehruvians and lachitSanghi’s are magnanimous. Among the unacknowledged heroes, Assam, reveres their hero by commemorating November 24th as Licit Divas.

Licit Borphukan was a commander and Borphukan in the Ahom Kingdom. He was known for his leadership. In the year 1671 he  thwarted Mughals at the Battle of Saraighat.  The Battle of Saraighat was a drawn out-attempt of Moghal commanded by Ramsingh to re-capture kamrup.

Lachit Borphukan the son of Momai Tamuli Borbarua the first Borbarua i.e. the governor and commander-in-chief of the Ahom army under Prattap Singha.  He was educated in humanities, scriptures and military skills.  He was confirmed the  Soladhar Barua that is the scarf-bearer to the Ahom Swargadeo this post was considered the first step in the career of a diplomat and politician. He was then elevated to Borphukan that put him in charge of the stable of the royal horses …known as Ghora Barua, being the commander of the strategic Simulgarh Fort and being the superintendent of the royal household of Guards known as Dalakaxaria Barua  by the Ahom King ChakradhwajSingha.

When the moguls came to battle King Chakradwaj Singha presented him the gold hafted sword .. Hengdang and the customary paraphernalia of distinction of the commander of the army.  Lachit Borphukan won the battle for Ahom.

Lachit Borphukan passed away in 1672 due to natural causes. His mortal remains rest at the Lachit maidaan built in 1672 by Swargadeo Udayaditya Singha at Hoolungapara that is 16km. From Jorhat.

There are no portraits of Lachit Borphukan but chronicles describe him. As broad moon faced, with over powering eyes.

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