Gandhinagar –Akola Maharashtra

gandhi nagar (6)On the way back from our community activity at the village of Dahihandi, the NDTV swacha Bharat abhiyan crew and I stopped by a  river that is dying.

gandhi nagar (3)A small town on the banks of river Morna in the Akola district of Maharashtra. It was initially part Madhyapradesh, and subsequently leased out the Nizam of Hyderabad the town  is now part of Maharashtra.

The claim to fame of this city is its connection with MKG that is Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi. Part of his ashes are intered in this village hence the name,Gandhinagar

The Brick of Chikki laid out
The Brick of Chikki laid out

The town is on the buzzling  interstate highway..

The town is honours, Gandhi in whose ashes are interred there with a statue and garden around it. major, town requirements are found there too, like the post-office and a bank. Interestingly the town has speed post facilities.

gandhi nagar (1)
the chikki bricks stacked one over the other.

just as we cross the river Morna, on either side thatched eateries are found that sell, the chikki, a sweet made of sugar and groundnuts, the variety found elsewhere in country and particularly in Lonavala, is made in sugar while these are made in Jaggery just as when it is melting. So it s very gentle on the teeth.

When I saw these chikki’s for sale I actually thought they were tiles for buildings until the stringer dhananjay told us otherwise.

It was truly humbling to experience this village, its warmth and beauty.

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