Suffer and sacrifice—false belief?

Suffer and sacrifice—false belief?

I have been watching much touted movies Mother India, Tapasya, and what not with the great all sacrificing protagonist. To me, somewhere it seems so full of self importance, and an subaltern flavour of you are incapable seems to exist. I could be wrong.

There was time when abundance was celebrated, and somewhere we shifted to glorifying suffering, sacrifice, poverty, yet we really do not need to suffer or be in misery in this life in order to do well in the world.

This belief that in order to do well in the world we have to suffer and sacrifice is so deep seated and sometimes I think it is a mentality that we have inherited from couple of generations before us. they must have used these to make their life more bearable. This is not the only belief, we have so many beliefs that we hold on to despite the fact that they are no more relevant.

There are some notions that we are not even aware has seeped into our psyches. We have housed them even without questioning them.  These effect our heart, mind and reality all the same. We condone these relationships and situations as fate, destiny when they are in reality the manifestation of our unconscious minds in the external world.

This whole thing that I was not manifesting success or abundance came to when I attended the abundance workshop by Asma D’souza a facilitator with Louise Hay. Of course, my mother’s constant declaration of the astrologers prediction kind of became my belief. I was carrying a burden of failure and poverty mentality, and kept wondering why I would not manifest success or abundance or harmonious relationships.  Once I did discover the block the journey of clearance began and I find things falling into place.

actually I had reached a stage of resignation and called it acceptance, but acceptance of one’s life had nothing to do with resignation, it does not mean running away from struggle, it meant accepting things as it comes,  with all the handicaps of heredity, of suffering, of psychological complexes and injustices.

Now I have come to accept the feeling of not knowing where I am going, and look forward to a new adventure, I realize that when I am suspended in mid air with no landing in sight, that my wings unravel and my flight begins, as I fly though I still do not know where i am going, the miracle of the unfolding wings, let me spread my wings and the wind carries me.  the moment I doubted whether I could fly, I lost the ability to do it, the fears, that popped up, they were not there to scare me, they were there to let me know that something is worth it.

What I figure at this stage, is to evolve it is important to examine the contents of minds and hearts and get to the root of what we believe is our reality.

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