Mind over matter.

Yesterday i was at a workshop conducted by NSD, and I caught myself, listening to experts  not really paying attention t what they had to share, but how was I going to reply to their words. I also became aware that I was listening to them with this filter that okay these young turks from NSD and cannot think beyond Delhi and Hindi. Its only when I caught my thoughts I realized that I had closed my mind to learning.

On my path to self healing the first thing I realized both in the Lousie Hay workshop, and the Landmark is the barking dog. In the Lousie Hay workshop I became aware of the constant chatter that was going on in my mind, and how I constant beat myself up in it.

In the landmark forum, in addition to this self whipping I became aware of various other conversations that happened. Like I was listening to this friend as “she complains” everything she said sounded like a complaint..

Its always mind over matter, we can improve our over all physical well-being first starting to notice our thoughts and our reactions to those thoughts.

When started this journey I realized how powerful the mind was and how difficult it was to control it.  we know we are in a pattern, yet we are unable to alter it, worse ,the more we try to alter the pattern the more it persists.

I have had three major accidents and each time, my life took a different turn, it is almost as if that I needed to have the accident  to process something or move something through our bodies. Very often I know and i can observe myself getting into a migraine state, the intellect knows it fully well that it is a psychosomatic entity. Yet I consider the mind  and body as different entities, and that they have little to do with each other.

Somewhere along the lines I realized the power to create physical health, mental health was within us, and the clue and cue were both available if we listened to the tape that we constantly ran in our minds. Thoughts can be created to navigate ourselves to a destination.

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