Mountains keeping things in perspective

bhudha bhoomi (4)The past week we have been travelling, as we entered the town of Satara from top of the  high the town looked so different, things seem to be in place and at peace.

When we  see things from the top of a mountain we witness life from a different perspective bringing us a new awareness.

As i looked at the fort on top of the Bellary mountain, it seemed to dare me scale its heights. Its not just these hillocks, it is the mountain range at large, they seem to capture my imagination. Calling me to scale their heights. To circle and worship at  their feet.  To venerate their steadfastness and pay homage to their strength.  Mountains are visible from thousands of miles away, if we are on top of the mountain, the great expanse of earth seem to stretch right before us.  somewhere to me the mountains symbolize vision. It gives us the ability to rise above the adjacent lowland and see beyond our immediate vicinity. From top of the mountains it is possible to witness life from a new perspective – the sprawling cities the big towns they all look like specks. We can take them all in at a single glance. This kind of puts things into a perspective as to how much bigger the world is than us, that is quite a humbling experience.

Mountains are almost always considered holy and spiritual places and energy at the top of mountain is undeniably unique. When we are top of a mountain it is as we have entered another realm.  A realm where the air is purer and energy is lighter, in the caves of the Ajanta, the mountains seem to hold mystic powers. Climbing a mountain is a way to connect with self and the greater universe.  one feels stronger and wiser after trekking up a mountain, or even meditating on the mountain.

My husband’s guruji, once told me, “tumhe Shakti chahiye to pahadi ke traraf dekho, tumhe shanti ya chahiye to samundar ke paas jayo”

The mountains, illustrate to us, steadfastness, strength, and one reason why the mountain view is so prized is because it conncets us to large vista yet grounds us to the fact that we are but a speck in the larger context. It connects us to a higher energy. They rise from the earth towards the sky, sometimes disappearing behind a cloud, sometimes releasing the sun from between their flanks, guiding the river to a flow, they are visual symbol of the earth reaching into the heavens.

Be it the real mountains that we see out of our windows, or the picture of these towering strengths  they are inspiration, vision and reminder of our humble place in the grand scheme of life.

One Reply to “Mountains keeping things in perspective”

  1. Very interesting perspective. Tell you what, even I have been in awe of the scale and heights of the mountains, good to know they inspire philosophy and thoughts in many! 🙂

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