The Autorickshaw.

auto track marked by Bangalore traffic cell
auto track marked by Bangalore traffic cell

I am at Bangalore for the “Sheroes summit.” Enroute from JPnagar to Brigade road, I was to pick up an auto.

Last month when I was here, the auto drivers were relieved that cargo trucks were banned from 8am -8pm. Well I did see them around.

This time round the Banglore police apparently has come up with a new rule, if you ride on the footpath, your driving license gets cancelled. If you park your car on the footpath or no parking area. Then your driving license gets cancelled too. The drivers were generally feeling good about this.

Another innovation of the Bangalore traffic is an auto path. That is they have identified a specific path that the auto guys can take. I thought it was great idea. But  the auto guys had another story to say,

  • If you stop your auto to drop a passenger then all the other auto’s behind get stopped.
  • If your passenger has to get off on the other bank of the road, then the passenger has to cross the traffic, and there were no pedestrian walking area.
  • You cannot turn into an available left because the auto behind will bump into you.

Wonder how the Bangalore traffic cell plans to handle these challenges.

Yet on the face of it is really interesting to see a road  that is organized since the hazardously zigzagging auto’s are not cutting through the traffic lines.

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