Power of partnership,

fig tree at sringeriAnother major lesson that I learnt over the year is the power of partnership. I can do it all alone may happen but not only is it tiring and lonely, it does not allow us achieve our potential.

Working as team, or in partnership allowed me to create something greater than what I could create alone. Not because of any deficiency or incompleteness in me or my partners but because each of us is unique with our own talents and abilities. Me and my partners could create something meaningful together.

As worked in creating the Toastmasters group, the bloggers group or even when working a play is that all partnerships be in romantic, creative or professionally based are powerful relationships for personal growth. As we partnered we harnessed power of union. A partner’s different perspective is valuable, but the very fact that it is different meant, that it would require work, humility, time and resources to incorporate that perspective. At times, this will required checking my pride at the door.

What I figured was important to choose  my partnerships consciously. Sometimes the partnerships I forged were need based  I really did not have a clear intention.  Those these partnerships created from these starting points served my immediate needs, the repercussions of a union fostered from these partnerships were difficult to recover from.  Of course I did learn from each relationship, this somehow made it a depenedent bond, maybe because we were both looking for a fix. It was those partnership that I forged  staying grounded with the awareness that I am my own source of happiness and fulfilment helped me create partnerships that support and enhance the best of who I am.

Sometimes I think everyone in life is a mirror reflecting back parts we love and dislike about ourselves. If we have the courage to recognize our reflections in each other, we can grow through our partnerships. A partnership that offers both acceptance of who wer are and an opportunity for personal transformation can be fertile ground for growing a healthy, lasting union. When we find this kind of partnership we are more likely to want to keep it, invest in it and nurture  it.

Even when it came to marriage I realized it was not ownership but a collaboration. After mutual respect and understanding are achieved,  it is possible to establish real, sincere relationships, which is the foundation of a solid long-term collaboration.

.It is funny we think the fire eats the wood. Actually we are wrong. The wood reaches out to the flame. The fire licks at what the wood harbours and the wood gives itself away to that intimacy the  manner which we and world meet each new day.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.”
― John Joseph PowellThe Secret of Staying in Love

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