Vantage- max with Micromax canvas P666

micromax A resolution to rediscover my passion. When all the wrapping is removed I find I am passionate about few things in life. One passion that I never really acknowledged and paid heed to is my passion for travelling and documenting my travel.

Pravasi pustaka, the documents of travelling tradesmen, the travels of Marco polo and the tales that are spun from them. The travelogue of Hueinstang and Fahien. Describing the wonderful lands and terrain that they travelled.

As one gets into the journey of the traveller, albeit it is voyeurism but there is a mystic allure, a wonder of what it was, then as we walk through the ruins of the old forgotten forts or as we see houses that have crumbled these must have once stood tall and proud heralding their power the walls if they could speak would have so many stories to tell.

watch tower kittur fort
watch tower kittur fort

The palace of Kittur will have witnessed the house of the Sardessai’s it would also talk of the lowly farm girl who would have come in to vend her ware or to serve the royal house.

The palace intrigues the soldier who went out to fight the war his wife sending him off, knowing well that he might never return. The earth that was soaked with not ashes or contaminated bodies but bodies that bled from wounds. These stories seem to call out to me.

Historic sites are special favourites; I like old forts and like to retell their stories.  There were no photographs to capture their glory or their agony; the moments have gone forever impossible to reproduce. Yet I would like to honour these monuments who stand tall, waiting for that traveller who is willing to listen to the tale that they have to tell/

I have worked through the Katter fort and little bit of Bellary fort though I would like to do more. What exhausts me is the baggage. For a person who would just like to travel with a backpack, this kind of travelling involves a whole bunch of challenges.

  • Trip planner
    • The route,
    • The stay
  • Then booking tickets. – the travel agent, physical tickets
  • Storing contacts – notebook with numbers.
  • Camera — for pictures.—the data cable to transfer the data.
  • Books for the travel. – carrying more books would increase the weight.
  • My laptop which 17kgs in all.
  • Clothes,– toiletries.
  • Mobile—charger,

It get so tedious that I have actually have a file, to put in the checklist, the travel map, the hotel contact etc. etc.

I am challenged when it comes to gizmo’s I would look at my needs, and run the check list on the functionality of the gizmo and choose the one with highest checks. From what I can see of the Micromax canvas P666 kind of covers base for me, it is like having an organizer, a library, and a route planner all in one.

Being a book worm I can store books on the mobile, or since it is supports 3G I can access the book through net whenever I need to.  With 800×1280 pixel resolution and 16M colour depth, the viewing experience seems promising.

Bibi ka makhbara aurangabad

The 325 hrs stand by time, 6hrs browsing time and 7 hr video playback time is reassuring; with a little planning I would not have to hunting for a charging point or carry a power bank.

Keeping in touch with family, ensuring that they are part of my journey and I am part of their journey is an issue, hangouts app. And voice search on Google, things are much more convenient in the canvas tab P666.

My worst nightmare in all my phones is finding the contact I need in the con tact list, P666 promises me a prioritized contact list.

With all this the good old voice call still remains, Wi-Fi connectivity means, the dongle can be done away with, blue tooth support GPS means I don’t have to ask the enterprising kid for the directions. May be a magnetic Black 7.9mm sleek tablet encased in glass finish, and aluminium rim on the sides could be answer to cut on the weight and attachments that I carry.

Hey I did get lot of my requirements matched. Check this out

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