Quicker moving and settling

blogger 7“I give you this to take with you:

Nothing remains as it was. If you know this, you can
begin again, with pure joy in the uprooting.”
― Judith MintyLetters to My Daughters

Looks, like Indiblogger has decided, that the New year should bring fresh beginning that includes a new location. Moving to a new city involves a process, a little research,  that in my way of working would mean create a check list. I have my check list right at the end.

Moving into a new city, is dicey I mean one would not want to jump into a pool without testing the waters, for us, of course Bangalore is a known territory but visiting a place and living there are definitely different.

Settling in actually like getting used to a new pair of shoes, it pinches a little in the begin, but you like the way they look, so you carry on, the longer you have them the more comfortable they become, until one day without realizing it the new town has become part of you, its like you have been there for eternity,  you cannot imagine life elsewhere.

But a first thing first,   since Bangalore is known territory checking out is not necessary. Still I would like to check out the neighbourhood before actually setting up house. before picking up a house  I would check

  • The distance from our workplace.
  • The distance from rest of the family and friends.
  • Average real estate price in the area.
  • The senior citizen friendliness of the place.
  • Accessibility to medical care,
  • Safety,

This would require information from reliable source, Quickr being one, then of course actually inputs from friends and family.  The next challenge is the transport, is it cost effective to use our personal vehicles or does it make more sense to use public transport.

Rural family moving
Rural family moving

Then comes the nitty gritty of moving stuff, of course doing it ourselves is a great option. I have done it before, still this would be a great time to ditch- donate and pack only those really necessary.  Like I said before though I have done it many times,  I would invite agarwal movers and packers to help me pack up.  Its now look up http://www.bangalore.quikr.com for someone carpenter to help me reset the house at Bangalore—cross check the- pricing.

The vehicle has to registered and insurance has to redone, this would involve going to the RTO, the options that i can check out here is western automobiles, who deal with all this or again look up Quickr for other options.(services section)

Informing the banks, and other services about the change of addresses, finding corresponding ones at the new location.

Collecting and filing health care documents, like dental and medical records.

Moving in , means creating a new social net work, so I am bound to have friends and family who would visit, people we would have to entertain,  that involve a little know how of possible eat outs, food deliverers,  tour conductors, shopping area. What we did when we moved to Goa was to take the conducted tours so that we got the general hand of the place, then went on our own discovery.  Taking the Karnataka tourism tours would be a great idea but for regular trekking and travelling joining a community might be a good idea—check www.Meetup.com and  http://www.bangalore.quikr.com   (community and events)

blogger 6CHECK LIST –http://bangalore.quikr.com/.

At the end of the day, there is always a sadness about packing, I guess there is always hesitation, if where we’re going is as good as where we’ve have been.

written for indiblogger happy hours–http://bangalore.quikr.com/.

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