The Status Quo

Madhva sarovara near the Ganapathi temple
Madhva sarovara near the Ganapathi temple

During the various cycles, I realized there are huge pockets, like the one that I am going through now where I am reluctant to move forward. Sometimes things are working and sometimes they are not, yet there is a sense of comfort being where I am.  This sense of status of quo is okay as long as the stagnation is not deliberate or prolonged.

Hypnotherapy explains this as not wanting to change, because it is the known. So no matter whether things are working or they are not, we cling to the status quo. I know I have done it.

When I was still hospitalized there was this elderly nun who visited me, she looked at me for a while and told me, I whole and complete just the way I am. This was the awakening call, for me to come out of my status quo and achieve what I am here to.

Maybe she wanted to soften her command; she told me I was not unique in this attachment to stupor or status quo. Every human being is reluctant to change life as they know it. The simplest way we as human beings know to resist change is simply deciding not to do it or have it in our lives. But change is inevitable and the status quo has to go without or without our consent. At the end of the day we might feel considerably more empowered, when we find the courage to ally ourselves with the universal force rather than work against it.

I must have looked overwhelmed, she gently told me change is not random, due regard has to given to whether it would work or not.  Stability will be achieved over time.  The stability is what allows us to survive and thrive and nurture us to the next phase of growth. The problem is we become more attached to preserving the status quo rather than honouring the universal givens of growth and change.  If we get too comfortable in a zone then it’s time to summon up the courage to challenge the status quo.

This could be painful or liberating maybe a bit of both. The risk of unblocking a natural flow of energy in our lives may create a sense of excitement and anticipation. It is like dismantling a dam within us. As most of the work involves cleansing our own inner obstacles so that the river of our life can flow unobstructed. Once the obstacle is gone we can simply go with flow and trust the change.

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