The travel of a breakdown

The Landmark alumni of Goa meets every Saturday at Carasid, the only thing that is flexible about this is the time, sometimes it is at 4pm and sometimes as late as 6pm.  The discussions are lead either by Hemant or Sunil Srivatsva.  Both of them being leaders in the making.

This week Sunil shared a wonderful thought, this brings a breakdown. When I say breakdown I am using the word, since there could loss of power and performance that could manifest in way.

Sunil’s point is events happen, we attribute meanings to it. if the meaning that we attribute is not favourable to us, we get disturbed. In our disturbance we create a whole story. Where we are the poor victim.

This  disturbance distracts our functioning.  This in turns alters the end result. The situation is again something that we did not accept, and usually not very favourable and the result is disappointment. The disappointment in turn causes depression.

The Gautama Buddha
The Sakhya muni under the bodhi tree

What would be the alternate. Of course fixing is great thing, but we need to transform, we need to come from the point of accomplishment. So designing a task would be what it that I want in the exercise is. Let us say that I want to acknowledgement. Then we come to point what does acknowledgement give me…a sense of satisfaction could be a probable answer. So I come from a place of satisfaction of being acknowledged, that creates acknowledgement and satisfaction in my space.

The key is communicating the acknowledgement, this is possible when we acknowledge the people in our space.

This allows us to be more creative.

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