Recognizing happiness

bannikaleshwari, the guardian
bannikaleshwari, the guardian

Recognizing Happiness,

My little cousin Rohini, had seen the television coke advertisement and her concept of enjoy became opening the coke bottle and drinking it. Not sipping it through a straw mind you but guzzling the bottle down. Enjoyment Happiness, would this not mean different things to different people?

The journey of personal growth particularly in my case seems to be on this trip of analyzing, unhappiness, diagnosing the cause and making improvements. But maybe I should do it the other way round, analyze my happiness, Maybe I need to use my ability to rise above and observe my emotions, to recognize moments of joy and content. If can do that, savour the moment and take time to be grateful for them I would be traversing a great distance.

But to identify those moments, I realized I need to recognize what it feels like to be happy, only then can I take the first step towards sustaining happiness in my life.  Maybe I should examine how joy feels in our bodies, what thoughts run through our minds at times of bliss; the Gaul’s taught the Vikings the symptoms of fear. I can then retrace my steps to discover what put in this frame of mind, and then note of the choices that I’ve made while there. I might realize that I am generally more giving and forgiving when there is a smile on my face, or I might be more likely to laugh off small annoyances and the actions of others when it does not resonate with my light mood.

May be knowing what it feels like can identify some of the triggers, and being aware of my actions, I can recreate the happiness when I am feeling low.  Despite of Newton’s theories the proverb birds of a feather flock together makes more sense, maybe focusing on joy, might work to pull out of a blue mood. It could be a song, picture, or whatever, but one thing for sure, what we feed and nurture is attracted into our lives, so if I can feed and nurture joy, then I can probably make a habit of happiness.






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