Just what is AIB?

good manners“Aamir khan producer of Delhi Belly finds AIB knock out objectionable”

“Farida Jalal finds AIB roast embarrassing”

The number of message bytes was almost sending me to a hypnotic trance. I had to find out what AIB was about. Then I saw hosts  Karan, Arjun, Ranveer have all been hauled up for it.

The Amul Butter girl lends her support to this whatever in her own unique way. She has an animated byte that goes “yeh, roasti hum nahi thodenge” l

So I actually wasted one morning googling and finding out what this AIB  was all about. When I did I felt let down, these public figures allegedly the people who are quotable, are ridiculing and deameaning, themselves well that is their trip but others. And this ridiculing others is neither funny nor decent.

There netizens who think AIB being blocked is like blocking a dish because one customer is allergic to it.  They are inviting support  for freedom of speech .

Apparently there is a roastmaster who roasts the  guest then there are panellist God knows what they do up there. and of course the celebrity attendees.  Seeing Deepika Padukone laughing at sexiest jokes, made me wonder if her last avatar of standing up for her cleavage display was for real.

Chetan bhagat has been saying that if AIB is to be censored then people should walk into a hostel, well Mr. Bhagat a hostel is a private space, we are talking of a public space here, men, women their sexual inclinations all have to respected.

Somehow we seem to think ridiculing, belittling  or insulting others is the ultimate comedy. But that is verbal violence.

By the way enough has been said about it, the best way to deal with this would be to ask AIB what is that, I am clueless.


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