Mt Devastating Diva style– Bohemian, Classic.

P1312190538174Women’Web   and Trishala emart   have invited us to express, what makes me unique and what defines my style.   I have never really given it a thought, and never bothered with fashion. Being the youngest in a chain of four girl cousins I wore hand-me-downs till I reached medical college.

Coco Chanel has got it right when she says, fashion changes, style endures.  I also like what the dictionary says about style, it is my distinctive appearance that would translate to knowing who I am what I want to say and not giving a damn. Everyone has their own style and once we have discovered the style we should stick to it.

Sharing my journey with
Sharing my journey with

In 1980’s I have carried backpacks to medical college, draped Kanchi cotton saris over denim  blouses, worn funky earrings, paranda’s and anything I felt like.

Yet today at 50 I realize that knowing my style is a place to begin with, a way to uncover and come to terms with who I am.  Knowing what is appropriate and what is inappropriate to my personal style and why, to identify which exciting fashion direction could exist for me.

One could belong to one of the 5 style types, Classic, Chic, Whimsical, Bohemian, and Avant-Garde.

My own style I wish were Whimsical but when I look at my wardrobe I realize  it is bohemian style, relaxed, lived-in, sometimes funky .

My home wear are old cotton Patiala’s, with vests, well oiled hair clipped up with a crunchy, there are times when I wear three quarter lounge pants from jockey with a vest. Strictly sleeveless.

ramp readyTo work I am semi-casual, not so old Patiala’s with Kurta’s or shirts from men’s wear. I usually pick up madras checks materials and stitch my own Kurta. Or knee length denim skirt with formal lace blouse. Or my all time favourite cotton sari with a handloom blouse. I keep the jewellery minimal but ethnic.

Formal occasions at work call for formal wear, sari with blouse and absolute no fuss jewellery.

Party wear is again, festive occasions and weddings the Kanjivarams and the Paithani’s come out with traditional jewellery, bangles of Hyderabad kinds. If it is westernized occasion I still drape sari’s but chiffon’s and accessorize with pearls.

With Janet Attawood, after the Passion test training.
With Janet Attawood, after the Passion test training.

Alternately I am in handlooms, and cotton sari’s teamed with handloom blouses and ethnic jewellery.

No matter what I wear it has to be simple and clean, this goes even for the lace blouse. My clothes are tailored very very rarely do I buy things that are pre-stitched.

The absolute necessity of style statement is the fragrance when I am at home; casual I use sandal and rosemary fragrance that I have learnt to distil from my grandmother. For work it is lavender but for partying it tea-rose. I am particular about layering my fragrance, so I use soaps, body cream, deo and perfume of the same fragrance.

Make up is bare minimum dark kohl on the eyes, and mild lipstick I am done.

Yet at the end of the day elegance is a glowing inner peace. Grace is an ability to give as well as receive and be thankful. Mystery is a hidden laugh always ready to surface. Glamour radiates only when there is sublime courage and bravery within; it is like the moon and shines only because the sun is there.

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