kallu chappara (1)the stone structure as you enter the town of Barkuru is the Kalluchappara, it is the sole witness to the stories of justice meted out in the town that houses the legendary.(vetala) and the Mahasthree kallu chappara (2)

The Kalluchappara is stone shade, with a central stone slab for seating. At one corner is the pond around it the bustling town of Barkur has developed. It pleases the romantic in me, to say that the dispenser of justices faces the village goddess and the Mahashtree while dispensing justice he/she would be backed by the political strength as the fort lies behind the Kalluchappara when we face the temple.kallu chappara (4)

The temple carvings are clean, and quite intriguing. This particular carving intrigued me with its very secular presentation. Sitting on platform, so this is definitely a person of higher social hierarchy, the gadha that he is sitting on, again would mean a guardian, the padmasana is again a person who is spiritual a snake on the head, the carving really fascinated me,

a stone seat, probably where the justice dispenser sat. If he faced east he would be facing the fort, if he faced west he would be facing the temple.

A thirtankara,kallu chappara (6)

Another statue with this was again very interesting, the hoysala style of architecture  seen in beluru Halebeedu is seen here without the voluptuousness. The carving is less androgynous. The atibhangis are less emphasized though the detailing is more meticulous here.

The man-crocodile-bird motif
The man-crocodile-bird motif

A motif that is seen all over the Barkur architecture—a combination of bird, crocodile and man—the face is blurred, it could be a monkey, if it is then it is son of Hanuman who is supposed to be guarding the seas.

Right over the power seat, in all the relics at Barkuru is the many petal lotuses. The flower is used symbol of an Umbrella again the sign of power.

The man-crocodile-bird motif
The man-crocodile-bird motif

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