The world remade. Heavens above! How smashing!

india today conclaveI am the primordial energy, i create I destroy, I sustain. Once I created on my canvas a world, and a creature called man, he did not inherit this world he only burrowed it from the generation of life that was to come. But somewhere this fine creature of mine got flawed and  he turned ignorant.

Each passing day, this creature destroys his brethren, and himself. The fool that he is does not understand that the creation of the world does not take place in a single day, but is an ongoing process, that takes place every day, every moment.

He did discover one of my cardinal strength every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So each building built and pavement laid, destroys my resource meant for some else, this will adversely affect him. The great water force is already loosing the balancer

The fool that the Man is, thinks life is cyclic and flowers return every spring is the favourite example , of course the world renews itself, but this renewal is at a price, the flower that grows on the ancient vine, the flower that blooms in spring is new to the world untried, untested.  The flower that wilted last year is gone, the petal that falls is fallen for ever.  The new flowers don’t return they are only replaced.

This is what I am set to do,  recreate the world.  How shall I explain this to you?. Okay let’s try…it is like being faced with a blank slate, a page a canvas, a block of stone, or wood, a silent musical interest. I then look inside myself. I pull , tug and squeeze to create a shapeless thing, that could be slippery like a fish, it is best explained in the myth of Zeus giving birth to Athena.

Slowly the vision takes shape, and becomes tangible, if you have ever done any creative work where the intangible takes shape and becomes tangible, maybe a picture on the canvas that slides from your pen, or the resonating musical strings that slips along the edge of the sculptors tool onto the surface of the wood or marble you have given it cohesion. You have brought forth something ordered and beautiful out of nothing, you have for a fleeting moment experienced my divinity.

The process of rebuilding requires destroying.  My goal is a planet that is not just living but in recovering growing more alive and more diverse year after year. A planet where humans live in equitable and sustainable communalities without exploiting the planet or each other  so the goal of the great deluge is disrupt, and dismantle the industrial civilization destroy the science and technology of the era, thus removing the ability of the powerful to exploit the marginalized and destroy the planet.

Once there were brook trout in the streams in the mountains that is where the rebuilding begins with.

After the deluge comes the rebuilding sustainable and autonomous human communities, and as part of that to assist in the recovery of land. The building of organic communities where people come together and have analogue conversations, share stories, art, music and emotion is essential.

Here is the world remade… with Man who is reinvented such that he can no longer think beyond survival and sustenance, the cellular colony that helped him to co-create has been totally and irreversibly destroyed. The rest of life, the trees and animals have been empowered with more aggressive self defence skills. They survive the onslaught just in case man mutates to a more destructive format again.

After all don’t create a picture of me as a long suffering all condoning mother, I am the creator,  I am ruthless and unforgiving. For that is the only way to maintain balance.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15.

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