Gift of being out balance.

With Janet Attawood, after the Passion test training. The gift I recieved
With Janet Attawood, after the Passion test training. The gift I recieved

“The only gift I have to give, is the ability to receive. If giving is a gift, and it surely is, then my gift to you is to allow you to give to me.” ― Jarod KintzThe Titanic would never have sunk if it were made out of a sink.

This morning I was talking to my mother, she said something, wonderful it was starting with their  tour to the pyramids, she told me, once get down to adventure I know I will come out on the other side, of course there were patches through which I had crawl. Mind you she is 72 yrs old and she is talking about a trip that she took to Egypt about 5yrs back. That is when it occurred to me, that the best of gifts offered by nature is the gift of going through a phase with conviction that it will pass and we will emerge out on the other side.

The past three years of shifting into counselling from clinical dentistry has been an amazing learning. I mean on a personal level it has been about developing an underused ability, or toning down an overused one, but I see the same pattern in most people. Some involved in learning to speak up for themselves, others learning how to be more considerate.  In this process we are always developing, fine tuning one or other of our many qualities, and it is a natural part of this process that things tend to get out of balance. This could be upsetting both to us and people around us, but we can trust that it is a normal part of the work of self development

For example it could be a phase of needing to learn how to say no that would be part of learning to set boundaries and take care of ourselves. During this time we might say know to anything just like a child practising a new word.  We learn this skill then integrate it to our system and use it judiciously; this brings the balance back to our life.  these learning’s could be triggered by problems, and every problem is a gift for without problem we would not really grow.

We can all do extraordinary things something’s that a lot of people can’t do, and we have the opportunity to work our gifts, it seems like a crime not to, after all being gifted does not mean we’ve been given something, it means we have something to give. It’s just weakness to quit because something becomes too hard… In this process, we are overcompensating for a quality that was suppressed in our life, and the swinging of the pendulum from under-use to overuse serves to bring that quality into balance. Understanding what’s happening is a useful tool that helps us to be patient with the process. In the end, the pendulum settles comfortably in the centre, restoring balance inside and out.

After all being down is not abnormal; its a virus we must all contact at different times. Who and what we look up to recover is what seperates us! mind you.. this phase has a terminal date… and personality redefines character through phases of wisdom at different ages.

Going through a phase is temporarily going out of balance, it is the gift , that will pass and we emerge out from the other side.

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